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Dear colleagues,

Please find here below the new online FEG live webinar info text.

The same info will be soon found on the FEG website under the Online Training page and will be promoted by FEG to social media from tomorrow.

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There is only one week left for members to register!




by FEG & Kadry Turystyki training platform

· Promote your guiding services on the Internet and social media

· Get to know what’s the perfect content for your own Tourist Guide website

· Learn how to manage SEO settings

• Meet opportunities of Google Ads

#Stayhome and do something that will pay off later

The time when we can do our work again will come. Take time to create and manage your business website that sells your tourist guide services. It’s a process and the results are not visible right away, so when our professional life becomes normal again you will have your Internet marketing tools ready.

             Is it for me?

·                      If you are a qualified tourist guide

·                      If you are a member of a FEG member association

·                      If you want to create your own business website that sells 

·                      If you want your potential visitors to find you on the web

·                      If you want to feel more comfortable with social media

Then this online training is for you!

All FEG association members’ qualified tourist guides are eligible to attend the “Internet Marketing for Tourist Guides” online webinars and to receive a FEG certificate of attendance by FEG and Kadry Turystyki.

This webinar course and certification are designed to train tourist guides with the end goal of delivering a high-quality internet presence with the chance of receiving the highest ratings from customers.

The webinars’ duration is in total 4 +1 hours for the full package and each one of the training modules is followed by homework.

Is this the right moment?

#Stayhome and attend this online training you have never had time to do. Now it’s the right moment. We are sure you have been thinking about Internet marketing before but there were many excuses: no time, no knowledge, no motivation. 

You know exactly that the Internet is the first source of information for many travellers and travel agencies. Help them find you and your offer. This is how our visitors look for tours nowadays. 

Internet marketing is not a 1-day work. It’s a process. It needs time to work out. That’s why it seems to be a good moment to start because the results can be seen in a few months’ time when – hopefully – everything comes back to normal.

What’s the offer?

We offer you a package of 4 live webinars + 1 extra free-of-charge on Internet marketing (Website, Google, Social media) dedicated to tourist guides. 

Each live webinar is 1-hour long and guides you – step by step – on creating your own website, managing SEO and registering for a FB & Instagram business account. 

We provide you ready solutions and templates. You just follow our guidelines. It’s easy. Trust us!

Our webinars are live

·                      You will see and listen to our FEG trainer, and you can ask questions. 

·                      They are interactive. All you need to do is to have your laptop and internet signal. 

·                      Before we start our class you can check the Internet connection and your computer settings to be sure that you can use all options of live webinars. We use the platform that is called

This package course is for beginners, forTourist Guides who have never had (a touch with) an attempt at Internet marketing and want to take their first steps.

What’s the program?

The 4 webinar package course consists of:

Webinar 1 – Let’s be found

Webinar 2 – Let’s set up your webpage

Webinar 3 – Let’s build your website

Webinar 4 – Let’s be visible on Google

Our extra BONUS session for those who have chosen and completed all 4 webinars mentioned above is:

Webinar 5 – Let’s create your business profile on social media

(Extra free-of-charge session)

When are the webinars?

We start on Monday 27th of April 2020!

We shall meet 4 times: 

·                      Monday   27.04.2020 11:00 CET (Central European Time)

·                      Thursday 30.04.2020 11:00 CET

·                      Monday   04.05.2020 11.00 CET

·                      Thursday 07.05.2020 11.00 CET


·                      Monday 11.05.2020 11.00 CET (for the extra bonus session offered to the full package participants only))  

Each webinar takes 1 hour but there is always homework to do. To meet your goal you need to do more than just a webinar. 

Online registration and payment is open until 25th April 2020 at 23:59 for the full package course and until a day before for each separate webinar booking. Payment will be collected once the minimum number (10) of participants has been reached, so stay tuned!

What’s the cost?

79,99 EUR for the full package of 4 webinars (join the full course and get 5th webinar free-of-charge)

24,99 EUR per webinar – if each webinar is chosen and paid separately

Payments are done online by credit card via PayPal when you get a link by email and are asked to proceed to your payment. Please, make sure you always check your spam folder.

You also need to allocate some money to buy a domain (approx. 15 euro); the website creator that we use to show you how to build a website is free-of-charge (

What should I do to join the webinars?

You need to have the motivation to do something that pays off later.

You need to check your PC/laptop & Internet connection to be sure that your equipment allows you to join the webinar. You can test it here:

You need to fill in the online registration form below and wait for a link that asks you to pay for the course by credit card via PayPal. When we reach the minimum of 10 participants, we can confirm whether the webinars will go-ahead as planned or not, then you’ll receive further notice for online payment by email.  

After payment, you will receive the link to log in on the special training platform.

Please click on the Kadry Turystyki training platform link and register now:

What do you get?

·                      Access to the live webinars 

·                      Certificate of attendance with duration

 The certificate you can use as a proof of your CPD.

What are the conditions? 

To run the webinar we need to have minimum participation. 10 trainees per webinar to be registered and paid. If we do not reach the minimum, we offer the same webinar in different dates.

Personal data needed upon your online webinar registration is: full name, FEG association membership, email address and if you already have any website of your own. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for registration and participation in the webinars, as well as for the e-certificate to be sent to you.

Who delivers the webinars?

Your FEG accredited trainer will be Radosław Szafranowicz-Małozięć and the webinars will be delivered in the English language.


FEG and Kadry Turystyki would like to have your feedback on each one of the webinars by asking you to fill in an anonymous evaluation form for training and promotional purposes at the end of each live session.

All qualified tourist guides are eligible to attend.

This seminar is an important learning live experience online for tourist guides. This is an opportunity to expand your potential to contribute towards quality and standards in technology and marketing yourself.

General Information

The webinar programme consists of 4 + 1 hours directed interactive online learning, with transferable knowledge.

Programme facilitator is a FEG accredited trainer.

All trainees of the webinar full package will be awarded a FEG e-certificate of attendance.

All FEG Online or Face-to-Face webinars, seminars and courses and their costs are offered case by case and on demand.  If you are interested in one or more listed on our website, please get in touch with our office for more information at   

Best regards

Western Silk Road Experience Online Course

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The European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) and Athina Training Centre Skills Academy are proud to present the “Western Silk Road Experience” online course.   FEG trainers and researchers have created the course as life-long training for qualified tourist guides.

The Silk Road is the longest, most ancient trade route, connecting diverse cultures and far-away countries over the centuries. Most people associate the Silk Road with Asia only. But did you know that its routes extend over all European countries from the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea to Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and to the wider geographical area of Eurasia? Included in Eurasia are Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, as countries bordering the Black Sea.

The “Western Silk Road Experience” online course offers tourist guides the opportunity to explore a new guiding theme and add to existing tours.

Follow “the steps of silk” to destinations off the beaten track. Be the first to plan and to offer diverse and sustainable destination visits to clients, based on this interesting and less-explored subject.

Take advantage of the work of FEG trainers and follow the“Western Silk Road Experience” online course to gain inside knowledge by this new life-long training and certification for this particularly evocative subject.

More information on the Western Silk Road Experience online course:

All FEG association members’ qualified tourist guides or its affiliate associations are eligible to attend the “Western Silk Road Experience” online course.

The course duration is 25 learning hours and you can do it at your own pace. The course divides to three training modules. Short knowledge tests follow each one of thee training modules. Successfully complete the modules to get your training certificate of competence from FEG and Athina Training Centre Skills Academy.

The online course cost is 190 EUR. The price includes the three training modules, an e-certificate for the successful candidates and administration costs.

Candidates who register and pay by 30 June 2020, receive a discount of 20% on the course fee.

Detailed info is written if you click on the following course link below and read all about it.

We really hope you will enjoy this trans-European journey!

Eligible Tourist Guides can register for the course here:


IWRT 2020 – Fátima

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Caros colegas,

A ACISO – Associação Empresarial Ourém-Fátima, em colaboração com o Município de Ourém, o Município da Guarda e o Santuário de Fátima, com o apoio do Turismo de Portugal, do Turismo do Centro de Portugal e da Agência Regional de Promoção Turística Centro de Portugal, organizou os VIII Workshops Internacionais de Turismo Religioso nos dias 5, 6 e 7 março 2020, em duas cidades: Fátima e Guarda.

No âmbito da promoção dos Guias de Portugal by SNATTI, estivemos presentes nos dias 5 e 6 de março, com um expositor ao mesmo tempo que foram realizadas 35 reuniões one-to-one com diversos Hosted Buyers vindos de todos os continentes, reforçando a nossa posição no mercado.

Notámos um crescente interesse na procura de Guias-Intérpretes certificados para assegurarem o serviço, assim como um aumento na procura de Guias para Individuais.

Comunicamos que já temos diversas empresas a contactar-nos para futuros serviços.

Com o adiamento da BTL 2020, os Hosted Buyers presentes que se deslocaram a Lisboa, foram convidados pelo SNATTI a usufruir de um Walking Tour no passado dia 11 de março, tendo um retorno positivo em termos de promoção e visibilidade dos nossos profissionais.


Ana Lúcia Mendes

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Lista dos novos associados SNATTI – Guias de Portugal

Caros colegas, amigos e colaboradores, Apresentamos a lista dos novos associados SNATTI – Guias de Portugal

Os contactos podem ser obtidos via


NOME                                                 IDIOMA                                                ZONA

INÊS SANTOS                                    ING – ALM                                        NORTE

SOFIA BACELAR                               ING-ALM                                            NORTE

EMANUEL MAIA                             ING – ESP                                           NORTE

SOFIA SÁ                                           ING – ESP                                           NORTE

ANA M ª FERREIRA CAMPOS     ING- FR                                               NORTE

ANNA BOGODYST                          RUSSO-UCRANIANO                     CENTRO

TANIA ALVES                                    ING-ALM                                         LISBOA

MATILDE ALMAS                             ING – ESP                                        LISBOA

PEDRO PEDRO                                  ING – ESP                                         LISBOA

RAFAELA GONÇALVES                  ING –  ESP                                          LISBOA

RAFAEL FERNADES OLIVEIRA     ING – ESP                                          LISBOA

SEBASTIÃO MENEZES                    ING – ESP                                          LISBOA

JOANA DOS SANTOS                       ING – FR                                            LISBOA

HELENA VON ESSEN                      ING-SUECO                                       LISBOA

DANIEL MARTINS                          ING – ESP                                           SUL

LUIS PENA                                         ING – ESP                                           SUL

RICARDO  ALBERTY                         ING-ESP                                              SUL

Tradução Ajuramentada e Interpretação Ajuramentada

Tradução Ajuramentada e Interpretação Ajuramentada

Sessão Pública de Consulta

23 de Março – 14.30

O Sindicato Nacional de Atividade Turística, Tradutores e Intérpretes (SNATTI), através do seu Conselho Consultivo para a Tradução e para a Interpretação e em conjunto com as Associações profissionais aí representadas, convida todos os tradutores e todos os intérpretes ativos/interessados na área da justiça a participarem numa sessão pública de consulta com vista à regulamentação dessas suas atividades no contexto da Diretiva 64/2010. A sessão terá lugar no Hotel Mundial, em Lisboa.

É favor confirmar presença até 18 de Março para