Cabo S. Vicente & Lagos

The rocky Algarve coast boasts stunning views over the Atlantic ocean, ​like at the end of the world, or ​at Cape Saint Vincent. Here the land abruptly ends with high cliffs ​against which the ocean waves crash ​relentlessly. This cape is part of the fishermen’s town of Sagres, which has always been connected with the Portuguese ​era of ​exploration. The town was where one of the key figures of this time – Prince Henry the Navigator, – lived inside of the fortified town. The buildings we see today are reconstructions of the 18th century ​ones.

Talking about the rocky coastline​ leads us to the city of Lagos, where some of the best-known and most-visited beaches of the entire region are located, Dona Ana and especially Camilo beach. Who can forget the look-out point at Ponta da Piedade! Nature’s work at its finest with impressive and intricate rock formations. Lagos itself has a lively city centre with a lot of street musicians and nice fish restaurants. Take some time to walk along the avenue, next to the water leading into the marina or to visit the “golden” church of Saint Anthony, a must-see in the region. The church offers a plain exterior, in contrast with a lavishly golden interior with the blue and white glazed tile decoration characteristic ​of the Portuguese Baroque style.


Nov 23 2019


8:30 am - 5:30 pm